Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Namm 2010

To continue my previous post; one company I'd love to hear an announcement from is Clavia. More specifically I'd love to hear that they are developing a Nord Modular g3. While you can not necessarily call the G2 outdated, there have been plenty of advances in DSP since it came out. If they came out with a G3, I'd definitely start saving my pennies to get one, heck even if they don't I still may consider trying to get a G2 off Ebay.
I realize that the Nord Wave is relatively new, so I may have unrealistic expectations, but the Wave just doesn't tickle my fancy...


Anonymous said...

Are you shure? Who can give such information? I could not get a G2 more and hope for a G3.
I hope you are right. ;-)

Stephen said...

I have no official information, there have been only rumors. The only place you would be able to get a G2 at this point would be Ebay!