Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another reformat?

I don't really like the way I set my PC up after the last reformat. Maybe I'll do another? Actually I'd really like to get a new (bigger)hard drive before I do. Actually, actually! I'd like to build a whole new PC, but I don't have the money for it right now. Maybe I should get a sheevaplug? That would be a fun toy...

Slackin' off

It's June, my birthday was the 2nd! I turned the big 3-0, but since 30 is the new 20; I'm not too worried. So far it's been a slow month. I've been searching to see if there are groups based on the things I'm interested in, in my area. There doesn't seem to be. There are some cool groups in Philly, but driving to Philly is a pain, not to mention gas prices, and the fact I drive a jeep which isn't the most fuel efficient vehicle. I suppose I'll have to think outside the box to meet people where I live. My friend Ben went to Spain, I'm so jealous. Had I gone, I might not come back! I can't think of anything more exciting to write so I'm signing off!