Monday, May 18, 2009

Propellerheads...New Product...Epic Fail!

Well, the announcement came, and I am so underwhelmed. Record is the new product, mainly aimed at those already in the Propellerhead fold. My basis for that claim is that Record only records. There is no VST/VSTi support, no midi out, midi-in but only in rewire mode as far as I can tell. The effects included are based on the effects in reason, good if you like Reasons' effects, not so good if you don't. There is one instrument included, sort of an all purpose sound module. If you own Reason and Record, your Reason devices will show up as instruments in Record. Once again, that's great if you like Reasons' instruments, not so great if you don't. Essentially Record is the "answer" to the oft requested "audio-in" that Reason users have been making since version 1, albeit in a totally separate program. However, at a price of $299 it makes more sense to just buy a full-fledged DAW. A DAW will support Rewire, if you need it, as well as the widely supported VST/VSTi, and AU standards (AU not applicable on PC).

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