Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuff I've been doing.

It has been very quiet around here. However, I am up to stuff :P I've been reading about cartooning, I'd like to start drawing some cartoons, and blog on a more mainstream host. I've also been studying Flash & Flex. I am at the very beginning of this journey, but it is already interesting. I am unsure of whether I should focus on the platform of Flash, with it's stage and timeline, and seemingly less code focused development. Or, should I focus on Flex? Flex has been referred to as "flash for programmers", I'm not some code guru, but I am used to writing code/markup, plus the main reason I want to engage in using flash/flex, is to code web games. I haven't determined which is better suited to this end. So, I guess I will do more research, bug more people in chatrooms, and join some local flash groups.

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