Monday, April 20, 2009


Today is the day of the year when potheads can smoke up all day! Not that they don't anyway, but since it is 4/20 all day, no need to wait on the clock.
Back in my younger days I don't recall us ever waiting for it to turn 4:20, we smoked whenever, and if anything "4:20" was some quaint practice from the days of yore. Now as a responsible (ahem) adult, 4:20 doesn't mean jack. However! At least this year 4/21 means something; it means the release of free DLC for Left 4 Dead! So, at least I know what I will be doing tomorrow night...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finally did it. I had been threatening to for awhile. Aside from an odd hiccup, where windows froze during installation, blaming it on a device failure. Everything went very smooth, and I was pretty much back to optimum status in about 2 hours. It was actually more because I was preoccupied in the living room, but that's not really the computers fault, now is it? I'm still holding onto XP, I figure at this point there is no reason for me to pay for a copy of Vista with Windows 7 on the horizon. I decided to try a new anti-virus; not because I had problems with my old one, but I just wanted to see what else is out there. So I installed Avast anti-virus. It puts more little jibbers in the taskbar, but doesn't seem to actually affect available memory any more than AVG (my old AV software). One strange thing I have noticed is that my network speed seems slower, I'll have to do some further testing before I start flinging accusations.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sean Hannity and Bernie Goldberg...

I watched Hannity tonight, and was really bothered by his behavior. I am conservative, I want to get that out of the way. I agree with Hannity more than I disagree with him, at least when I watch, I try not to O.D. on political news. Tonight he was talking about the Somali pirate crisis, and his view on Obama taking credit. I really felt that his argument was petty, and fortunately Bernie Goldberg called him on it. Obviously, Bernie wasn't rude about it, but he pointed out what I was thinking to myself. For eight years the media attacked former president Bush constantly, and maliciously. They never gave him credit, it became obvious to any clear thinking individual that he could not do anything right in the media's eyes. However, I don't believe in tit for tat ( I am aware of how silly of a saying that is ). Maybe a better way of saying it is, bad behavior isn't an excuse for more bad behavior. Therefore, if we engage in the same tactics that the liberals engage in, then we are no better. I for one, am better. I applaud the way the crisis was handled and am thankful that the captain was rescued alive. I don't care who "claims" the credit, because no matter who is president, ultimately the credit goes to our troops who selflessly fight for our freedom.

Stuff I've been doing.

It has been very quiet around here. However, I am up to stuff :P I've been reading about cartooning, I'd like to start drawing some cartoons, and blog on a more mainstream host. I've also been studying Flash & Flex. I am at the very beginning of this journey, but it is already interesting. I am unsure of whether I should focus on the platform of Flash, with it's stage and timeline, and seemingly less code focused development. Or, should I focus on Flex? Flex has been referred to as "flash for programmers", I'm not some code guru, but I am used to writing code/markup, plus the main reason I want to engage in using flash/flex, is to code web games. I haven't determined which is better suited to this end. So, I guess I will do more research, bug more people in chatrooms, and join some local flash groups.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Musikmesse is over.

I thought the whole thing was a bit bland. I didn't go in person, Musikmesse takes place in Germany; I'd love to go ( to Germany ), but could not afford it right now. I was looking forward to hearing from two companies, the first being Propellerheads Software, I was hoping for new on Reason 5! The other company I was curious to hear from was Waldorf, to see what they had to say about their Largo synth. So far, I haven't heard jack from, or about either company. Oh well, I now return you to your regularly scheduled doldrums.