Friday, March 27, 2009

Careless Whispers...

There is a cover of this song, it's done by a band called Seether, and I think it is excellent. Wham originally wrote the song back in the 80's and I can still recall it being on the radio as I'd be driving with my mom. That said, amongst other things it makes me think of my mother. It's funny how as a kid, your parents are almost perceived as non-human, as super beings who transcend emotions, and other daily trappings of life. When you get older though, you realize that your parents are as human as any other human, and I realize that my mom liked that song for the same reason I did, the emotional connection. It was an eye-opening day when I saw my mom, as not just a mother, but a person. I wonder how my kids will see me? Is this just a condition of humanity that endlessly repeats? Anyways if you haven't heard the song, you definitely need to!

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