Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A question to Waldorf that will probably not be answered.

Okay, you guys make fantastic synths. I've never owned a hardware synth, but I've been fortunate enough to play them, including yours. The main reason I haven't owned a hardware synth is because of the cost. Now you've made the Blofeld, and it's actually affordable, but there is one problem. You've omitted one thing that makes hardware so cool, an audio input! Now i can't honestly understand why you wouldn't include this basic feature. I can't see how it could be a cost issue, a quarter inch jack is like 10 cents! So please tell me what the deal is? I've noticed that the newly announced Largo doesn't have an option for audio in under its feature set. Have you guys become anti external audio processing? It just doesn't seem to be in lock step with your previous synths. Oh well, this is just something I've thought about ever since Blofeld was released ( actually since it's specs were posted ), and makes me hesitant about buying.

See waldorfs site for the products mentioned in this post.

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