Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Namm 2k9 wrap up

Well I was wrong and right. Ableton Live did indeed announce version 8, however Propellerheads made no announcement. I personally was very impressed with the developments from Ableton. Their partnership with cycling 74 has born fruit, that has ramifications for musicians that are into a more hands on approach to sound design. Max for Live looks promising. I'm mildly disappointed that MFL is an add-on product, but given the amount of R&D that must have went into it, if the price is fair, it is forgivable. Also the Akai APC40 looks fantastic! Tailor made for Live, this tactile interface integrates with Live and furthermore can be programmed for in MFL. There is already a cool video of a step sequencer running in Live with the patterns being changed via the APC40. Some have put forth that Live had been losing its focus for awhile. I think these new developments show that Live is back on track, with a plan firmly in place for what it wants to be and do.

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