Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's all about the synths.

Ultimately, for me, that's what it's all about. So I'll share some of the synths that have caught my eye at Namm 2009 so far.
First up we have Waldorf's first made for vst synth, Largo. Waldorf's hardware is pretty famous. I've never owned a synth made by them, not because I didn't want one, but because hardware is more expensive. Now I can, I will definitely pick this synth up when it is released.
Second synth that has caught my eye is actually a group of synths. FXpansion's Synth Squad is a group of three synths that seem to share interface style. While the literature leaves you with the impression they are ultimately emulations, they seem to have been programmed to have more originality than the average emulation. A nice paradox to be sure, however, when you look at FXpansion's track record ( or listen to audio samples ) This is a company that seems to always deliver quality.
Okay, next up is Alchemy. Now if you are going to name your synth after the fabled art of turning stone to gold, it better be good. Camel Audio does not disappoint! There are three demo videos on their page ( a demo version is in the pipleline ), and they will leave you drooling. This is a hybrid synth, it does V.A., and does it well, but it also does spectral, granular, and sample manipulation in very novel ways. It ships with 2GBs of samples to get you rolling. I definitely want to add this synth to my arsenal.
ImpOscar 2 was announced by Gforce media. This is one emulation synth I do really like. I demoed it awhile back and liked the sound, but felt the interface was fidgety. Perhaps with this update these issues have been ironed out.

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