Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Outstanding customer service...

May be hard to find, but it still exists. I recently took advantage of a buy one get one for free deal. It involved buying the Blue synthesizer, so I could get Albino for free. Since Albino is $189, I felt this was a really good deal. Unfortunately the dealer I bought it from got my order messed up, and I did not receive my promo code to claim my free synth! Well the people at were so helpful in making sure that I got credit for my purchase. I was really impressed by how fast they responded to my initial email, and kept in contact with me, to reassure me that the situation would work out. Needless to say, I'm so impressed that I would recommend anyone looking for a new soft-synth should check them out. Not only will you get incredible sounding synths, you'll get reliable customer service. I think I will buy predator soon, to finish off my collection!

On a side note, I purposely omitted the name of the company who messed up my order, because it was an honest mistake, and I've previously only had positive dealings with them.

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