Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final thoughts on '08

This year brought a lot of change for me, I suppose I'm not feeling brave enough to air it all in public. Hopefully 2009 will continue the trend of change. I hope to have an official website, as well as a more professional blogging system set in place. I will take some steps to make my blog more visible, and will also start blogging about personal projects. More specifically; music, electronics, and photography projects. All that while also juggling school and work. Who says the daily grind can't be exciting?


I got a Playstation 3 over the holiday. So for my next trick, I will install linux on it and see if I can run some emulators. FTW!

Old school DOOM

I have been having the strangest urge to fire up this classic! The feeling seems to have come out of thin air! I can hear the music in my head...

If you are a DooM nut as well, check out this wiki I found devoted to DooM, it is good stuff!

The one thing I miss about Reason...

not reason as in sanity, but the music software Reason! I miss the Redrum drum computer. It's x0x style sequencing made beat sculpting fairly fast. For the life of me, I cannot find a V.S.T. that is comparable. I wish I was a leet coder, I'd just create my own. I am not about to spend $300 to get Reason just for a drum machine, but sometimes it is tempting. I don't understand how such an obvious concept has eluded V.S.T. programmers for so long now. One alternative I have my eye on is FXpansions Guru This seems the most like redrum, and has a ton of new tricks as well. I have no commitment to any D.A.W. so I have also been paying attention to some that offer step sequencers, and/or drum machines built in. Sonar would be perfect, if the rest of the program wasn't so complex. Seems to me they made Sonar to be complex for complexities sake! I noticed Pro Tools has a nice looking drum machine built in, but Pro Tools seems so restrictive with it's RTAS format. Well the quest continues...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Group buy update.

Well I got in on the action and ending up saving $200+! In the end, the Silver Box collection costs 100.00 €, I don't live in Europe so that's about $140 USD. The price is back to the usual 255.00 €, that's approx. $365 USD, so I feel I made out pretty good. Even at full price I recommend you check out D16's software, it's pretty tight.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gift ideas for musicians from Make:Blog

In case you aren't an RSS junkie like me, you may not have read this article, so I thought I'd mirror a link to it. A nice list of some DIY projects for musicians.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

group buy your way to some great software!

Right now d16 is running a group buy promotion. For every new person that opts in, the price lowers! The price is already gotten pretty low, but together we can make it even lower! So why should you? Well, D16 has designed spot on emulations of some truly sought after gear. Namely the TB-303, TR-808, and TR-909. These are classic bits of kit for anyone who is into rap, hip-hop, techno, funk, and well any semi-recent music style. These sounds refuse to die, and even if they fade from sight for awhile, they always come back. Why spend $1000+ on ebay for just one of the three? They don't even support general midi! So if you want some new gear, at a great price, get in on this deal!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Outstanding customer service...

May be hard to find, but it still exists. I recently took advantage of a buy one get one for free deal. It involved buying the Blue synthesizer, so I could get Albino for free. Since Albino is $189, I felt this was a really good deal. Unfortunately the dealer I bought it from got my order messed up, and I did not receive my promo code to claim my free synth! Well the people at were so helpful in making sure that I got credit for my purchase. I was really impressed by how fast they responded to my initial email, and kept in contact with me, to reassure me that the situation would work out. Needless to say, I'm so impressed that I would recommend anyone looking for a new soft-synth should check them out. Not only will you get incredible sounding synths, you'll get reliable customer service. I think I will buy predator soon, to finish off my collection!

On a side note, I purposely omitted the name of the company who messed up my order, because it was an honest mistake, and I've previously only had positive dealings with them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

GTA IV for the PC is full of Bugs

Ah bugs, what would life be without them? Whether it's creepy crawly bugs, or the bugs that inhabit computer software, they certainly enrich our lives. Well, apparently GTA IV has so many bugs that one reseller is offering refunds on a case by case basis. I have been looking forward to this game for awhile, but I held off on purchasing it on launch day. Now I am glad I did! I feel bad for the people who bought the game, but truth be told, I also feel bad for Rockstar. Bad publicity is rarely good for any company, but I feel that Rockstars track record is not one of failed launches. I hope people cut them some slack, and grant them forgiveness, even if they did release an unfinished product.
That brings me to another point. Why do these companies rush? How could these bugs have slipped past quality control? Were they testing the game on PC's that were all running the same configuration? I feel that when a company is porting a game, they should take even more precaution to make sure the transition is smooth.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Too good to be true synth deal

However, it is true! Linplug is offering some fantastic deals on their entire product line.
I urge you to check them out, if you have any money burning a hole in your wallet. My favorite is the deal where you get Blue for free if you buy Albino. These two synths alone could keep anyone busy for quite a while. I say "could" because anyone who knows a musician knows they love gear! The more the merrier!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mortal Kombat VS. DC

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!1
Seriously, instead of fatality, there will be lametality. UGH.