Thursday, October 30, 2008

The indamixx has me thinking.

Discovered through the magic of RSS. I have been looking at the Indamixx, and I like what I see. I wasn't sure the day would ever come, but I actually see potential for linux as a music creation platform. I've used EnergyXT before, because it is cross-platform.
I used the windows version of Hydrogen, and it was really cool. The windows version isn't as up to date as the *nix version, so the fact I liked it, I feel, is a good sign. Actually after using Hydrogen I found myself wondering why no developers for windows haven't created a drum machine like it. To me, the design is so obvious and user friendly. I haven't used the other applications yet, but the screenshots look promising. However I am torn about using linux only. There are some windows music applications that I am quite taken with. I suppose that means I will have to try out wine, or else I may have to dual-boot.

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