Friday, January 5, 2007

Easily Influenced

BREITBART.COM - Texas Boy Hangs Self; Saw Saddam on TV

I'm torn between pity and bewilderment at the outcome of this story. I feel sorry for the family and their loss. I cannot fathom, however, how someone could be so bereft of common sense, as to attempt to hang themself. The article comments that the boy was "curious" and "experimenting". I am a curious person myself, yet I know that curiousity about hanging could be satiated by reading a book, not attempting to re-enact it. You know I could go on a tirade citing how "Authorities" have blamed imagery in the public circle, from Marilyn Manson (FYI I am not a fan), to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. I'll just finish by saying maybe public screwls (schools to the uninitiated) should start focusing on common sense, instead of their Humanist indoctrination, of course, it's far easier to brainwash then educate.


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