Monday, January 8, 2007

Damn You NASA!

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Mars Killers From Earth?, Astronomer Says NASA Probes May Not Have Recognized Alien Microbes And Killed Them - CBS News

We just can't stop killing, can we? It isn't bad enough we can't stop starting wars, we had to go to mars and kill microbes! Okay...we have no proof these microbes exist, but given how evolution works "it makes sense." This theory is the brainchild of Dirk Schulze-Makuch a geology "professor" (quotes courtesy of my skepticism) at Washington State University. Schulze-Makuch is referring to the Viking mission in the 70's. The Vikings mission was to search for life on Mars, but Schulze-Makuch asserts that during two of the Vikings experiments where it poured water on the soil, then a different experiment where it heated the soil. These experiments would have drowned and baked martian life respectively. You see the Viking was looking for life with salt water serving as the internal fluid of living cells. Schulze-Makuch claims life could have evolved with water and hydrogen peroxide serving as the fluid in early living cells. So, with no proof Schulze-Makuch points to the bombadeer beetle (an inhabitant of Earth not Mars), this beetle has the unique defense mechanism of being able to create a scalding hot liquid projectile, which is 25% hydrogen peroxide. Please take note however that the hydrogen peroxide is not the internal fluid of this little insects cells, rather it is secreted along with hydroquinones, when these are combined with a reagent the defensive liquid is produced, hardly condusive to life.


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