Friday, December 29, 2006

Taking the fight from the games to the courts.

Video gamers Community Gaming Advocate - Electronic Consumers Association (ECA)

If you are a gamer, visiting this site is a must. Right now, there are politicians conspiring to take away your right to game. Why? Because they feel a stronger method of regulation is necessary. Strong regulatory measures are in effect already, in fact games are more regulated the television or the sale of movies. The ESRB was established in 1994 by the

Interactive Digital Software Association. While submitting your game to the ESRB is voluntary, virtually all major game developers submit their games to the board, as well as develop their games in order to meet the criteria by which ratings are given. Incedently some see the ESRB as a form of censorship claiming that rating a game period is a form of media restriction. I personally think thats a bit overboard, and that the ESRB strikes a good balance between being informative and critical. Finally I urge you to take action, even if you just send an email, it's a start! Please click here and join the cause!


ps. more to come!

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