Friday, December 8, 2006

The Next Gen Wars Continued

Well last time I told you who I think will "win" the console wars. Now it's time to tell you why, and banter on just to make myself feel smart. I'm too lazy to cite sources so most this will be anecdotal. Where I work the 360 is out-selling all competition first and foremost because of basic availability. Sony has greatly under-produced PS3's. Nintendo seems to have put much more of an effort to meet demand, possibly they underestimated the interest in their system. Now I don't know how this next fact truly impacts potential buyers, but I'd imagine it must have a good deal of significance, and that fact is the 360 is being pushed hardest by retailers. Now this may seem to be a given seeing as how stores need to move some systems, but I've heard them literally trashing the competition, specifically the PS3, of course if you read any tech forums it's not hard to see why, even the New York Times put it down, read about it here. Now I'm not even going to try and predict how this thing will end, I'm just telling you how I see the beginning.

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